An audio engineer is someone who is trained in the mechanics of recording, mixing, mastering engineer, and reproduction of sound. The difference between a sound engineer and a sound producer is that engineers specifically deal with the technical aspects of recording and help give producers the kind of sound they want to achieve.

Why should you hire a professional?

Many people on a budget want to go for DIY sound engineering, but it doesn’t end up sounding like the melodious rendition they had in mind. That’s because it takes some serious skills to master sound and music engineering! A professional sound engineer will have spent thousands of hours behind their mixing desk and know exactly how to achieve a particular kind of sound – as opposed to you spending hours trying to first learn, and even then not being able to produce exactly what you had in mind, so, a better option is to search for ‘mastering engineer near me’ and get in touch with us.

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The reason why there are so many people who make a living from mixing and mastering is that this is a skill that not everyone has and not everyone can learn. An audio mastering engineer has already spent hours upon hours polishing and honing their skills and your song is not the first they’re working on – and it will definitely not be the last. And while we strongly encourage people to learn these skills, it’s pointless to spend hours doing something while your passion lies somewhere else. So why not leave the mastering to the professional who’s trained for it while you focus on where you shine – writing and performing?

After all, you did not decide to become a musician or singer only to sit behind a mixing desk all day; that will only build up frustration and make you lose your creative spark!

Song fatigue is real.

Another problem with DIY mix and mastering engineer is that by the time people get to that stage, they’ve already heard their own audio so many times that they start to either overlook the problems, or come to like the imperfections in their song – and we don’t want that! Listening to your own recording is not called lending an objective ear and you are most likely a victim of song fatigue at this point.

A professional mastering and mixing engineer will be able to bring their own unique and expert perspective to your track and help open up new possibilities for you which you might not have considered. Remember: it’s always best to have more than just your own set of ears on your song!

Money matters and musical mad hatters.

If you have the skill and the time, you can give sound engineering a try. But if you can afford mixing and mastering engineer better than you, hire them now.

In The Box Mastering offers the whole recording studio experience with an incredible sound mastering engineer at very reasonable rates. You can find us in Melbourne Beach, Florida.

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