Why you need an expert audio mastering engineer

In The Box Mastering is your one-stop solution for all aspects of the music recording process. We can help you every step of the way because we have amazingly skilled audio engineers who have command over what they do.

For mastering your song we can turn it into a masterpiece. Your songs won’t only sound professional once we are done with them, but they will also be enjoyable and, most importantly, unique like you.

All our team has extensive experience and the support of remarkable equipment and software; that can turn your recordings into a chef-d’oeuvre. This is because, in today’s world, everything about music comes down to mixing and mastering, with which only a skilled mastering engineer can help. At in The Box Music, we ensure that your music is at par with industry standards.

So, if you also want to take your music to the next level, you know what to do and who to contact. Get in touch with our experts and get a slot booked for getting aid on your music. We will be glad to help!

Why choose us?

When it comes to finalizing your tracks, they need to be perfect in every aspect. The final product should be a mixture of mixing and mastering. And that will only show in your music if you hire and take guidance from a high-end recording facility.

We specialize in all kinds of music, voice overs, commercial recordings, and everything that even has a hint of music. For many years, we have helped thousands of artists hone their skills and make a successful career out of it.

What sets us apart from many other music houses is our ability to understand our clients and provide them with personalized services that are tailored perfectly to their needs. We can provide you with a reliable and fast turnaround because we know that you want the best for yourself.

Furthermore, we also don’t ask you for any hidden or extra charges, which is why we are the perfect choice for all big and small ventures.

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Mix evaluation: we provide you with a free mix evaluation for your tunes to ensure they are ready for mastering; all you have to do is request a free evaluation.

Dynamic shaping: we use the highest quality of analog and digital compressors that will improve the punch and thickness of your mix; we give a lot of detail to space and clarity so that the sound is more controlled in the mix.

Equalization: with solid state and tube equalizers, we can shape the frequencies of your tunes and music to create a proper continuity. During this process, we will also give special attention to separate frequencies so your tunes become smooth.

Editing and sequencing: we specifically ensure that the music transition and fade to give your song continuity and flow.

Affordable rates: our rates are the lowest among all other mastering companies, but we never compromise on quality. So, you are in safe hands.

Get in touch today, and get to know about how we can help you.


Why Should You Choose Mastering For Your Music?

The whole reason for choosing mastering done to your music by experienced audio engineers is that you will get the element of critical listening and objectivity to your songs by using excellent equipment. Moreover, mastering can turn your songs into masterpieces because at in The Box Mastering, we polish your song to make it your best tune.

How Can I Book A Mastering Session?

You can book a session with us by calling us or by visiting our website to book a slot at your preferred time. You can also take guidance from our customer service for free, all you need to do is voice your concerns, and the rest is on us.

What Is The Turnaround Time?

You have the option to choose the turnaround time; on average, we will get your work done 3 to 5 days per-song however, if you want something urgent, then you can select that option too. However, remember that urgent turnaround will cost you more than the average time.

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