About Us

In The Box Mastering, LLC is a Professional Audio Mastering Company in Melbourne Beach, Florida, run by Chief Audio Mastering Engineer, Clayton Doran. Doran has a degree in Music Video Business and was a student of Vlado Meller’s Audio Mastering Workshop held in Charleston, South Carolina.

Doran has over three decades of hands-on experience, including on the stage and in the studio. Growing up in the music scene in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, his knowledge and technical creativity provide outstanding results across multiple genres of music.

Due to his love of music, he brings an exceptionally distinct perspective to every project he encounters

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Why choose us?

We offer professional results at reasonable rates. To us you are not just another number or algorithm. Your audio is important to us! We take time to listen to your audio before we start the mastering process. Most Mastering companies these days get a reference track back to you in minutes. They use the same settings with signal processing for all audio to save time. Not all audio is the same, that is why we take the time to listen to your audio first before any processing is done. We here at InTheBoxMasteringllc have years of experience in the studio and on stage. We are very serious about what audio has our name attached to it! We use very crucial listening and processing techniques to achieve broadcast quality audio. We make sure your audio sounds good in any listening environment. Our goal is to make your audio have more punch, clarity, depth, and volume after we process it! We also keep up on current industry techniques and volume levels for audio mastering.